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Unique and delicious, original creations from our master baker Martha Borys. The Lancaster Co.’s new Crumb Bakehouse offers pies, cakes, cookies, bars, milk buns, baguettes, beignets, cornbread, pastries, and breads.


Crumb Bakehouse produces many different kinds of sweets both for the Lancaster Smokehouse and for YOU! Take home a delicious dessert from our Curbside 'Q menu or custom order your item from us!


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Every bun for every sandwich, every delicious piece of cornbread, every baguette, every pie or morsel of baked deliciousness… is a product of our Crumb Bakehouse! Do you have a special occasion that requires a perfect dessert? How about a corporate event that requires catering with desserts? We are here for you and ready to serve.



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